From the Impact conference in montreal

I’m at the Impact of Technology on the Historiography and Theory of Cinema conference in Montreal (a mouthful).

Bernard Stiegler gave a monumental keynote on the first evening. And during the day, major film theorist Tom Gunning (of ‘The cinema of attractions’ fame) delivered a paper engaging in Stiegler’s Technics and Time 1 argument about technology as co-constitutive element of human being, via its function as form of exterior memory. In particular, he drew on Stiegler’s use of Andre Leroi-Gourhan’s account of the orgins of human being which insists on technics as the exteriorisation and modification of the evolutionary dynamic, and on L-G’s analysis of the speech and writing as technics in this fashion.

Which was great for me as I am preparing to deliver my paper on Stiegler’s account of cinema as the key mnemo-technical (ie. memory technology) form of the 20th c in the later Technics and Time 3. I thought you would be heartened to know that this material is in the spotlight in this major film theoretical conference.


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