Technicity and the Virtual

On the 19th of April I contributed to the ‘virtual space‘ event held by Passenger Films, combining short talks and film screenings that addressed the theme of ‘the virtual’. Passenger Films is a series of public events initiated by Amy Cutler, a cultural geographer at Royal Holloway, and supported by UCL UrbanLab, that combine talks and film screenings. I had the privilege of speaking alongside Rob Kitchin, Director of the National Institute of Regional and Spatial Analysis (Republic of Ireland) and co-author of ‘Code/Space: Software and Everyday Life.

In my talk I offered some observations about the ways in which human geographers have conceptualised and addressed the ‘virtual’, or the various ways in which digital technologies mediate human experience, I identified three particular themes in geographical work and tied these themes together with the the concept of ‘technicity’. To close I offered some questions that might extend contemporary studies of ‘coded’ geographies.

Please find a full write-up of the talk on my personal blog –, I have also collected together resources for studying ‘code/space’ in a bibliography, blogged here.

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