Translation – “Is not all creation a transgression?” – Gilbert Simondon Interview (1983) “Save the Technical Object”

Andrew Iliadis has translated a really interesting interview with Simondon from 1983, originally in the magazine Esprit. Simondon covers creativity, novelty, alienation (in technics as the originary relation of the human-technical) and invention:
“Technics are never completely and forever in the past. They contain a power that is schematic, inalienable, and that deserves to be conserved and preserved.”

ethics & philosophy of information



Interview with Gilbert Simondon

Translated by Andrew Iliadis

The following is an English translation of a 1983 interview that Simondon gave to the French magazine Esprit (Esprit 76:147-52. 04/1983).

[Simondon makes references to a variety of individuals here, including Ducrocq, Maxwell, DuMont, Illich, Stephenson, and Faraday. Albert Ducrocq was a French scientist and writer who specialized in robotics. James Clerk Maxwell was a Scottish theoretical physicist. Allen B. DuMont was an American scientist and inventor specializing in cathode ray tubes. Ivan Illich was an Austrian philosopher. Robert Stephenson was an English civil engineer specializing in locomotive and railway engineering. Michael Faraday was an English scientist specializing in electromagnetism and electrochemistry.]

Anita Kechickian: In 1958 you wrote about alienation produced by non-knowledge of the technical object. Do you always have this in mind as you continue your research?

Gilbert Simondon: Yes, but I amplify it by…

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