recent publications

Iain Hamilton Grant 2006, On an Artificial Earth: philosophies of nature after Schelling, London: Continuum

Jon Dovey & Helen W Kennedy 2006, Game Cultures: computer games as new media, Open University Press

Patrick Crogan and Helen W Kennedy 2009, Special section on Technologies Between Games and Culture  in Games and Culture 4;2 (April 2009): 107-169

Patrick Crogan 2008, Targeting, Television and Networking: an Interview with Samuel Weber, Convergence 14;4 (2008): 375-385

Patrick Crogan 2008, Real Lives 2004: The Devil You Know, Junctures 11 (December 2008): 69-76.

Patrick Crogan 2008, Wargaming and Computer Games: Fun with the Future, in The Pleasures of Computer Games: Essays on Cultural History, Theory and Aesthetics, ed. Melanie Swalwell and Jason Wilson, McFarland and Coy.

Patrick Crogan 2011, Simulation, history & experience in Oshii’s Avalon (2001) and military-entertainment technoculture, in Digital Icons: studies in Russian, Eurasian and Central European new media, issue 4:

Seth Giddings 2007, A ‘pataphysics engine: technology, play & realities, Games and Culture 2(4): 392-404

Seth Giddings 2007, Dionysiac machines: videogames and the triumph of the simulacra, Convergence, 13(3): 417-431

Martin Lister, Jon Dovey, Seth Giddings, Iain Grant and Kieran Kelly 2009, New Media: a critical introduction (2nd ed.), London: Routledge

Seth Giddings (ed.) 2011 The New Media & Technocultures Reader, London: Routledge

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